Work for good.

Labor Day was created by the labor movement as a dedication to Americans’ social and economic achievements. As we celebrate Labor Day this year, we wanted to commemorate our fellow friends for their accomplishments for environmental sustainability and ethical business practices.

Here are 5 ethical brands to watch this Labor Day.

1. Biolite

Based in | New York City, NY
Ethics | Environmental sustainability, Carbon neutral
Best For | Energy in the outdoors
Price Range | $$

Biolite is striving to bring energy everywhere through sustainable business practices. Through their Parallel Innovation business model, Biolite reinvests revenues from outdoor markets into building “commercially sustainable businesses that can bring, safe affordable energy to families living in energy poverty across India and Africa.” Read about how they’ve been helping off-grid families access clean energy in 2017 here.

2. Peak Design

Source: The Brotographer

Based in | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | 1% for the Planet, The Conservation Alliance
Best For | Photographer backpacks, camera gear
Price Range | $$

Peak Design's gear for adventurous creatives. Ranging from camera backpack clips to sleek travel bags, Peak Designs creates high quality products while donating 1% of their revenue to environmental non-profits. Not only is Peak Design a member of 1% for the Planet, but also in The Conservation Alliance, an organization that has helped protect 51 million acres, 31,102 river miles, 5 marine reserves, and counting. Check out their latest kickstarter for their new travel line.

3. Unravel Co.

Source: Unravel Co.

Based in | Austin, TX
Ethics | Artisan-made goods
Best For | Handbags, home decor
Price Range | $$

Unravel Co. is a sustainable brand founded to serve others and develop fruitful relationships through collaboration and design. By working with Ghanaian artisans and being one of the only NGOs in the area, Unravel Co has completed the foundation footprint for a three room school with compliance of the Ghanaian government in the past 3-5 years. Read here for about their transparency.

4. Western Rise

Source: @elliot_wr

Based in | Telluride, CO
Ethics | 1% for the Planet, ethical manufacturing
Best For | Outdoor Apparel
Price Range | $$

Western Rise is on a mission to design clothes that gives the active individual the freedom of movement by combining high-performance fabrics and innovative construction techniques. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Western Rise donates both its services and 1% of its sales to Western Rivers Conservancy. Recently they successfully finished their kickstarter to make the ultimate pant for travel, outdoors, and everyday.

5. Sunski

Source: @peteramend

Based in | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | 1% for the Planet
Best For | Sunglasses
Price Range | $

Sunski isn’t just a company that’s here to make the planet look better with polarized lenses, but also to make a better planet. Founded by two college friends back in 2011 through Kickstarter, they decided to donate 1% of sales to environmental non-profits, and make their sunglasses with recycled plastic frames. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but also provide a sunglasses repair program as part of their lifetime warranty.

These brands continue to inspire and encourage us to design gear that ultimately gives back to our environment and community. Whether it be pledging for sustainability through our BCorp certification, or giving young explorers the opportunity to go outdoors and be mentored as 1% for the Planet members, we desire to equip and inspire others for life changing adventure. Watch and learn more about our non-profit partnership with Explore Austin here.